India, a celebration of colors

India, a land of colors, beauty & joy.

India is a very colorful country. From the colorful Kasmir culture decorating the icy snow caps in the North to the colors of Rajasthan decorating & enlivening the might Thar Desert to the colors of Durga, colorful Assam & North East blessing the East upto the colorful temples of South India & Kanyakumari. Wherever you see, India is a land full of colors. Bright, vibrant colors, not just in the present but also in the past.
Today, we Indians celebrate 62 years of our own Constitution, 62 years of Poorna Swaraj. A dream dreamt by millions of Indians over the years, a dream yet to be fully realized.
Over these 62 years, so much has happened, from being born into a new independent state & stressed uncertain environment to a full blown recession in the nineties to a growing India moving towards becoming a Superpower& the center of all major world activities.


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Jai Hind!

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