Lovely Valentine's Day - Contest & Wishes by Jewelove

Happy Valentine's Day!

To make this day special for you, we have a contest!

Simply tell us what you think of Valentine's Day & post it as a comment below. It can be quote you create, how you feel, a poem, a short story or anything.

It has to be original!

Have a beautiful Valentine's Day!

Sambhav Karnawat
A Legacy of Over 101 Years!

Most important terms & conditions

1. Anyone can post. Winner will be selected from amongst fans of Jewelove. If you are not yet a fan, please connect with Jewelove at

2. Winners to be selected when at least 25 eligible people have posted their thoughts about Valentine's Day.

3. You can use your Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Disqus or Open ID account to login. Anonymous comments will not be taken into consideration.

4. Winners will be selected by Jewelove.

5. The decision of the proprietor shall be final & binding.

6. You can post multiple entries.

7. The winner(s) shall be awarded a gift voucher.

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