Diamond, A Girl's Best Friend

The Adamantine or The Unbreakable
A Girl's Best Friend

Diamond, The Perfect Carbon, The Adamantine, The Unbreakable, A Girl's Best Friend & the list goes on! Diamond is one of the most well known & desired gems in the world. Diamond is the hardest element on the Earth with a hardness of 10Mohr. DIamond is the most brilliant precious gem. Like a Ruby has spectacular Color & Fire, Sapphire is the master of flawlessness, Emerald has an enviable green, similarly Diamond is the master of brilliance. The brilliance index of diamond is higher than any of the other precious Gemstones.

A lot has been talked about Diamonds, there are many resources as well. JeweloveTM presents some facts about diamonds that you may not have come across earlier.

Diamond is the rarest gemstone, right?

Wrong! Diamonds are rare but not the rarest. Ruby is the rarest gemstone in the world. Only red diamonds can compete with Ruby when it comes to rarity. Though, diamonds are one of the rarest gemstones, without a doubt.

Diamonds are only white, right?

Not quite. Though most of the diamonds are "white", but a significant fraction are colored diamonds, also known as "Natural fancy color diamonds." These diamonds are very rare & command very high prices, close to the prices of natural Rubies.

Natural Fancy Color Diamonds, interesting. So what are the colors available?

Natural Fancy Color Diamonds range in colors from blue, pink, orange, yellow, green to even red & purple. Of all of these, red diamonds are the rarest. The largest faceted Red diamond ever weighs just over 5cts.!

I know the 4C's. But which of them is the most imporatnt?

What is the most important part of a car, the steering, the wheel, the body or the engine? It is not just 1 of the C's that decides which diamond you is suitable for you, but a combination of the 4C's, your personal choice & several other factors that ultimately decide which diamond should you buy. Ultimately, what is important is how good does the diamonds look! Even if you have a D color, IF clarity diamond, but does not sparkle as much, it is not worth it. At Jewelove™, we select the best combination of the 4 C's to give you the beautiful sparkling diamonds. We also have collections in diamond qualities of colorless diamonds (D, E, F) and internally flawless and VVS diamonds. To learn more about & see the differences in the sparkle of diamond, contact us at Jewelove™.

Why are the diamonds in the Chocolate Collection by Jewelove™ brown? & Why do you call them Cognac/Champagne Diamonds?

The diamonds used in our Chocolate Collection are natural fancy color diamonds of the color shade brown. These diamonds are also known as Champagne/Cognac diamonds.

How to buy a diamond : The 4C's

The 4C's of a diamond : None can explain it better than the Lab which made the standard, the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). That is why all solitaires of over 0.30 cts. at Jewelove™ are certified by the GIA / IGI. To learn more about the 4C's, view this video by GIA itself.

What are the different Shapes of Diamond?

Diamonds come in a variety of shapes. Round is the most common shape of diamond. The other popular shapes are Princess cut diamonds, marquise shape diamonds, cushion shape diamonds, oval shape diamonds & heart shape diamonds.

Diamond Shapes : A comprehensive guide
Image courtesy : GIA
What is the difference between Carat, Karat & Carrot?

This can be confusing because all 3 are pronounced the same way, as you'd pronounce a carrot.

  • Carat (ct.) is a unit of weight measurement for gemstones. 1ct. = 200milligrams, 1g = 5cts. Because most of the polished & set precious gemstones (my guess woould be at least more than 90%) weigh less than a gram, using the gram scale can be misleading. So, cts. is used to represent the weight of a gemstone.
  • Karat (K) is a unit of measurement of parts of gold inthe total parts of metal or alloy. For eg. in 14K Gold, out of every 24 parts of the 14K gold, 14 parts are pure gold. Accordingly, (at least at Jewelove ) you are charged only for the 14 parts of Gold. 24K Gold has a composition of 99.5% Gold, 18K has 75% Gold, 14K has 58.50% Gold.
  • Carrot I really don't think we need to dwell into this.


Is an American Diamond a real diamond? How do I identify a real diamond?

No, an American Diamond is not a real diamond. It is another name for Cubic Zirconia, a synthesized replacement for diamonds. It is very easy to identify an American diamond, take a white sheet of paper. draw a line on it with a pencil. Keep the diamond inverted on the line. Look at the line through the centre of the diamond, you should not see a clear line if the gem is a diamond.

What are Hearts & Arrows Diamonds?

The Premium Cut Diamond!
Hearts & Arrows are a special category of premium cut diamonds that are cut so perfectly that they exhibit maximum brilliance & scintillation. Hearts & Arrows is a phenomenon associated only with the Round Brilliant Cur & can be seen only in diamonds. When seen through a Hearts & Arrows viewer or a fantasy scope, this is how the diamonds look!

Hearts & Arrows Diamonds The perfect cut of a diamond