Platinum Bangle with Full Diamond Cut SJ PT 307 - Suranas Jewelove
Platinum Bangle for Women with Diamond Cut SJ PT 307

Platinum Bangle with Full Diamond Cut SJ PT 307


68,340 INR 100,000 INR

Platinum Bangles & Bracelets by Jewelove

Diamond look at the price of Platinum

Platinum bangle with diamond cut all over the top surface. The bangle is crafted in such a way that the textured platinum sparkles like diamonds! To the extent that many jewelers have thought it to be studded with diamonds! Crafted in Platinum. The bangle is made in 95% pure platinum and hallmarked with Pt 950 for platinum purity. 

  • Metal : Platinum
  • Platinum Purity : 95%
  • Purity Mark : Pt 950
  • Finishing : Hi-polish
  • Width : 5mm
  • Estimated Platinum Weight : 16.67 grams for each bangle
  • Certificate of Authenticity : Platinum Guild International

P.S. : The price mentioned is for each bangle. To order a pair, select pair in the options above.

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