Jewelove™ presents to you the finest jewelry collections, ever.

Le Royale Collection, high end jewelry by Jewelove™. Handcrafted one-of-a-kind pieces, natural fancy color diamonds & authentic vintage jewelry. Kindly visit our store to view the collection in person.

Le Platina Collection, Pure Rare Eternal, Platinum. Jewelry made in the finest noble metal used for making jewelry, Platinum. Shop our Platinum jewelry collections online at

Diamond Solitaire Jewelry Collection, 'Big girls need big diamonds' - Elizabeth Taylor. One diamond that says it all, The Diamond Solitaire by Jewelove™.

Kundan Meena Jewelry Collection, Who said luxury went out with the Maharajas? Jewelove™ brings the royalty & the glamour of Maharajas & their Maharanis to you with this estate jewelry collection of handcrafted fine Kundan Meena pieces. Learn about the history of Kundan Meena here.

Diva Collection, designer price point jewelry for the youth. ELegant light weight designs for the professionals & people who like to travel light.

Precious Colorstone Jewelry Collection, fine Rubies, Emeralds & Sapphires studded in Gold to bring out the colorful life of women.

Diamond Watches, fine diamond studded watches made in 18K Gold with Swiss Watch movements.

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