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The Art of Kundan Meena

Kundan Meena Bangle by Suranas JeweloveKundan Meena,
flaunted by the Royals, appreciated by the Elite. Kundan Meena is an amalgam of an art form & a jewelry style. Meena is the literal Hindi translation of Enameling, which a handcrafted work of fusing a myriad of colors in Gold, while Kundan is the literal Marwari translation of 24K Pure Gold, which when united on a piece of jewelry, make a handcrafted piece of art, in the form of jewelry, known as Kundan Meena. The Meenakari is an ancient form of Persian Art, which was also prevalent in Ancient Rajasthani Architecture & is seen in the royal Havelis (royal mansions) of Bikaner, Jodhpur, Jaipur & Udaipur. While Kundan is also refered to a form of traditional Rajasthani form of jewelry, which uses pure gold foils & lac to set gemstones in a setting of pure gold.

These 2 arts were combined during the Reign of the Kingdoms in India, & later flourished during the Mughal reign in India, which proliferated as the now famous Kundan Meena Jewelry. 

Suranas excel in this rare form of jewelry & has carried on the tradition of setting uncut diamonds & natural gemstones in 24K Pure Gold, in its collection of Kundan Meena Jewelry. We stud uncut diamonds, rubies, emeralds & sapphires on the front of the jewelry piece, while the enameling is done on the sides & the back of the jewelry piece.
I cannnot put it better than one of my clients, 'You have confused me now! Should I wear this with the diamonds showing or the enamel?'

Innovations in Kundan Meena : With changing times, we realized the need to adapt to the changing needs of people & have thus innovated & introduced new collections in Kundan Meena, including the Peacock Fusion Collection & Enamel with Brilliant Cut Diamonds. These collection are much lighter in weight & have a fragrant touch of full cut diamonds to bring out the beauty of the enamel with the value of the diamonds.

All of these & more collections are available at the Suranas Jewelove Kundan Meena online store in Jaipur.