Jewels of Jewelove

The Jewels of JeweloveTMare the perfect symbols for the most memorable moments in your life. Created with the finest Rubies of tremendous fire, Diamonds with unsurpassed brilliance, Sapphires & Emeralds of unmatched quality to possess eternal style, they will hold your most precious memories eternally, for time may pass but memories remain forever.

The jewels at Jewelove™ go through an extensive procedure to ensure only the best may pass.

Precious Gemstones are the most valuable & the most fascinating gemstones in the world.

  • Ruby : The King of Gems. The rarest gemstone in the world. The mystical red Precious gemstone, the symbol of blood, love & life itself. Upto at least 300 times rarer than diamonds. The Precious gem with the highest fire.

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  • Diamond : The Perfect Carbon. One of the most popular gemstones in the world. The precious gem with the maximum brilliance.

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  • Emerald : The Precious Green. A form of beryl, it is the most beautiful green a woman can come across.

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  • Sapphire : The rarest form of corundum after Ruby. The magnificent range of colors it exhibits, Sapphire is the most colorful precious gemstone. The colors of a Sapphire vary from a variety of Blue to the blushes of Pink & crisps of White.

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Please note, there is a misconception among a lot of people that Tanzanite is a precious gem. Tanzanite is a semi-precious gemstone.