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"Primp & Prep" with your girls is all about getting ready before hitting the town in style! Who's wearing what? Those earrings look fabulous! How's my hair? I love that song, turn it up! This is the calm before you and your girls take the girl's night by storm!

Women spend as much time getting ready for a party as they actually spend at a party. Why not make the time worth it. Check out these tips on 'Primp & Prep' by Hpnotiq, including thigns every girl wants to know, 'What guys think about your dres?', 'How to meet a good guy at a bar - yes, that can happen', 'that perfect recipe of fruit juice with vodka!', 'Must do's when a guy you like friends you on facebook' to cocktails, beauty, fashion, celebs & some LOL stuff!

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What are you waiting for? Check out these awesome tips by Hpnotiq before you go hair down music up! next time!

I especially like the part  on 'What guys think about your dress', '15 Love Rules for Single Women' - things every woman should know.


You must be 21 years or older to drink alcoholic beverages and as always, please remember to drink responsibly

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