Platinum, The Only Metal Suitable for Kings

Platinum, The Only Metal Suitable for Kings

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Platinum, The Noble Metal
Pure Rare Eternal

Cheers! to your modern thinking, your taste in jewelry & most importantly, your quest to set yourself apart.
That is the core of our Le Platina Collection of Platinum Love Bands.
That is the core of Being You!
Because, Pure Rare Eternal, its not just Platinum, its YOU!

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Platinum is a strong & naturally white metal that retains its color forever.

Properties of Platinum

  • Pure : Platinum is Pure, naturally white & being a noble metal, kind to skin. Platinum does not cast a color into your diamonds or rubies which enhances their natural colors & brings out their real beauty & shine. At Jewelove, we only use Pt 950 for making Platinum Jewelry, which means you get Platinum in its purest form used in making jewelry. Unlike other white metals, Platinum does not tarnish easily & retains its natural white color for generations.
  • Rare : Platinum is very rare, about 30 times rarer than Gold. This noble white metal has been treasured for millenia & has maintaineed its niche across lands & times. Platinum jewelry is not just jewelry, its a style statement of individuality & the desire to be different.
  • Eternal Platinum is eternal with an everlasting endurance, strength & radiance. Platinum's durability & resistance to wear has made it a preferred choice among high jewellers since its inception into jewelry making. Platinum is strong & hold your Diamonds & Rubies securely for generations.
  • Versatile : Versatile are the women of Today & versatile should be their jewelry. Platinum has unmatched qualities that make it one of the most versatile metals to be used in jewelry making. No wonder, King Louis XVI of France declared Platinum as the only metal suitable for Kings, way back in year 1970.

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Most Important Qualities of platinum that make it suitable for kings