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Platinum Chains

Plain Platinum Chains from Japan, Italy & India. All chains are crafted in Pt 950 and accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity by Platinum Guild International.

Styles and best designs of platinum chains at Jewelove

Wish to up your style in a minimalistic way?

Match your dress with a platinum chain for a sophisticated array!!

Platinum is a rare metal but in recent times, jewellery crafted out of this rare metal is highly-esteemed. The trend started well with platinum rings and now people also love to sport platinum chains. Not just for women but platinum chain for men has also been in demand for a long time now. 

If you have been lately looking for the best platinum chain options, we have a range of designs and styles available. Our collection is a combination of traditional, modern, minimalist, and gorgeous designs so that you can get the right one as per your choice. 

We offer diverse options in the platinum chain for men and women with 95% purity and are supported by Pt 950 hallmark. Whatever designs you are choosing, you will get different sizes and also we offer you customization options on order. 

When you go by the designs, our designers have excelled in offering you a diverse collection ranging from the material of the chain to the boldness and look of the chains. You can opt for a plain platinum chain or also you can go for options such as the Double sided Platinum and Rose Gold Unisex Chain. You can even explore some gorgeous designs with danglers or links for getting the perfect platinum chain for women such as the Japanese Platinum Chain for women.

Take a dive into our wide range of designs and styles to explore and get the one that suits you the best. 

Buy Platinum Chains for Men Online at Jewelove

Have you not noticed how ages ago, Indian men also used to jewel up in the same way women did? But somehow with the passing of time, the demand for jewellery just got restricted to women. With even more passing time, we have recently reached an era of platinum jewellery that is perfect even for men. 

Men stopped wearing gold jewellery because society marked them as a womanly desire. But platinum is a white metal that reflects elegance and a formal attitude and such properties make it perfect even for men today. 

Men today prefer to buy platinum chain options because platinum is durable and dynamic in nature. It does not get damaged even when you are wearing it on a regular basis. Also, it is resistant to high temperatures.

Will you not prefer jewellery that is low in maintenance and care? So, another important reason why today the demand for platinum chains is high is due to their low maintenance. The durable property of platinum keeps it as it is for many years.  

Apart from durable and elegant options, we also offer attractive platinum chain designs that have been designed exactly to suit your taste and preference. Our collection has formal and plain chains for those who wish to keep it minimalist and formal. On the other hand, our designers also come up with different unique designs such as chains with rectangular or round links, thin platinum curb chains, rope-like chains, foxtail platinum chains, V-chain, popcorn chains, and many others. 

Our platinum chain designs are available in diverse size options so that you can choose the one that suits your personality. 

Best Platinum Chains for Women at Jewelove

Going by the designs and the durable properties of the platinum metal, the platinum chain for women is high in demand today, especially among youngsters. While a simple platinum chain is perfect for your formal meets at the office, casual outings with friends, or even for everyday use, we also showcase a wide range of designs that are perfect for special occasions such as parties or even for going on a date. 

One of the reasons you can consider platinum chains for everyday use is because of their durable nature and low maintenance. We provide 95% pure platinum so that you do not have to compromise the quality at all. 

Have you been searching for a bit of a designer version of these single chains? We have got several designs to help you choose the best one for you. 

When you have a wedding event or any other party to attend, you can try out our platinum necklace chain or even the platinum chain that comes along with danglers throughout the chain. 

But again, we also have unique options such as the 1.25mm Japanese Platinum Diamond Cut Balls Chain for Women if you wish to go for casual outings, a date, or for any formal events such as a corporate party or an important meeting at the office. 

If you think that the plain platinum chains are too simple, you can opt for the chains in which platinum is fusioned with rose gold metal. It offers a unique look and reflects your sense of style. When experimenting with rose gold, you can get platinum chains polished in rose gold or even options such as rose gold balls fused in the chain or so. Moreover, we have got several such designs to choose from. 

Who says platinum jewellery is just for modern youngsters? Even if you are a bit traditional and believe in conventional fashion statements, you can always try a platinum chain for women. Our designers present a beautifully designed Platinum Mangalsutra Pendant Chain for Women if you wish to balance traditions with modern style.  

Platinum Chains Price Range in India

Do you consider the thought of buying platinum jewellery to be stressful? But if you are checking out at the right place and choosing the right piece, you can easily get the right price. For example, an extremely simple platinum chain price in India is starting from ₹ 10,000. But when you are willing to buy trendy options such as the Customized Platinum Chain with Yellow Gold Rhodium, the price shoots up to more than Rs. 1.35 lacs. 

Also, the platinum chain price in India for unique design options such as the Heavy 3D Platinum Rose Gold Chain for Men is above Rs. 4.15 lacs. 

When you are planning to buy platinum chain options at an affordable price, we can offer you designs and styles at amazing prices. Our platinum chain price starts at Rs. 12k after a discount and we offer chain designs at almost 16% discount. 

Whether you are looking for an impressive platinum chain for men or women, we can offer an infinite list of options. When you have chosen the right pieces and are checking out for payment, you will also get the option of using any gift cards or discount coupons upon the discounted price that we offer. 

We are one of the most desirable online jewellery stores at the moment as we offer an endless collection of platinum chain designs and other jewellery styles at a much more affordable price. Our prices are highly competitive in the platinum market and on top of that, we also offer discounts from time to time for our customers. 

The Durability and Strength of Platinum Chains at Jewelove

Until a few years ago, we knew that diamond was the hardest substance on Earth. But recently, we have also come across platinum which has been recognized as one of the strongest metals on the Earth’s surface. It is not just more durable than any other metal such as gold and silver but also is precious because it is rarely available. 

When you talk about the durability of platinum, a 95% pure platinum chain can last for a lifetime. This is because, when you scratch any other metal such as gold and silver for the purpose of polishing, some amount of metal is lost, hence losing weight of the jewellery. But this is not the same in the case of platinum. The platinum surface can get scratches on it will not get chipped. This is one of the reasons you can prefer to buy platinum chain for daily wear jewellery in place of other metal options. Even an old chain losses some of the platinum metal, it does so at a much slower rate that can be considered negligible. 

Apart from being durable, platinum is also known for its resistance to higher temperatures. You will notice that when gold or silver is exposed to extreme temperatures, they tend to bend or lose their properties. But as platinum is resistant to higher temperatures, it can stay in its actual shape. Also, getting a platinum chain is a great idea because it is also resistant to moisture, thus, keeping the lustre intact.

Not just platinum jewellery is a favourite among people now because of its strength and durability. Also, it has a hypoallergenic property because of which you will not get any skin allergies even when you have extremely sensitive skin. This is again another reason why platinum jewellery options such as chains and rings are getting popular among people today. 

We understand that customers prefer to buy platinum chain because of the properties hosted by the white platinum metal. So, we offer 95% pure platinum metal supported by a hallmark certificate. Our designers work hard to bring to you some of the best designs and styles so that you do not have to compromise on your choice. Along with all these, we also offer the best platinum chain designs at a price that you will find within your budget. Just choose the price range that suits your affordability and you will come across several designs and styles among which you will definitely get something that will strike your eyes. 

When you order your favourite piece, we ship our products to different metropolitan cities across the country within 1 day and to other cities within 2-3 days. Our customers worldwide can expect to get the products delivered to their doorsteps within 5-6 days for ready to ship products.