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Platinum Solitaire Rings - Baguette Cut

Solitaires of 0.20 cts. or more set in platinum rings for men & women. Crafted in 95% pure platinum. Hallmarked for Pt 950. Certified by PGI. Solitaires of 0.30 cts. & above are certified by IGI / GIA. Free Delivery in India. 30-Days 100% Money Back Guarantee. Contact us at +91-9828012999 for customisation options.

Popular Platinum Solitaire Ring Designs and Styles

Let your desire for that perfect platinum solitaire ring on your finger not die out. 

You deserve to have the best and we definitely make your wish come true with our perfectly crafted ring collection. 

For many youngsters today, platinum solitaire rings conveniently have replaced conventional diamond engagement  rings. Platinum solitaire engagement ring options are in high demand, and also many women love to adorn flaunt platinum rings on their fingers for their special & most memorable occasions or at particular places. 

Don’t you???

The first thing that will fascinate you in platinum solitaire rings is the diamond d that is crowned on the platinum ring, isn'tisnt it? Why should you settle down for just a white rock when we offer differently designed diamonds for the ring of your dreams?

Why settle for anything, when you can have a dazzling, sparkling diamond solitaire for the ring of your dreams!

The diamond shapes that we offer at Jewelove are We at Jewelove offer solitaires in various shapes such as Round Brilliant cut, Princess cut, Baguette cut, and Emerald cut, Asscher cut, Cushion cut, Oval cut, Step cut, Radiant cut etc. Apart from the diamond shape, we also have a showcase the largest collection of solitaire ring different designs & settings such as raised or hammered  cathedral setting, flush setting, bezel setting, prong setting etc. for the solitaires. Also, the solitaire diamond fixed on the ring can be of  of your selected different sizes such as 10-pointers, 15-pointers, and 20-pointers all upto upto 50 cents, 1 carat, 2 carats & even more . 

Need more than a single diamond on your platinum solitaire ring? We also have ring designs s that consist of more than one diamond solitaire to make your ring highly enticing. 

Whether you are looking for a platinum solitaire ring for men or women, we have got rings that are made up entirely of platinum or also rings that are a fusion of platinum and gold. Whatever you choose, we have got a beautiful collection of options in rings as well as bands to choose from. 

Just choose your options such as the diamond size, cut, and material and you will come across a wide range of designs such as curved solitaire rings, twisted solitaire rings, diamonds on a shank, or even a classic simple-to-do diamond platinum solitaire ring

Platinum Solitaire Rings for Men at Jewelove

Finding the right platinum solitaire ring for men can get at times daunting, especially when you have a specific design or style etched in your mind. Men usually wish to have a ring that is simple, bold & to do yet solid. Hence, solitaire rings can be the best option for engagement rings for men. in such a case. 

While Jewelove offers there are several options available in the category of men’s platinum solitaire rings, we also showcase present platinum bands that are well-adorned with diamond solitaires.  

We offer have a collection of  various options such as the hammered solitaire ring, diamond platinum solitaire ring in a matte finish, single diamond platinum ring, or platinum band with a solitaire. 

We understand that there are special occasions for which you may want also wish to have something extravagant and we present the fusion collection for such occasions. If you consider the platinum rings and bands to be too simple formal, then you can check out our range of platinum & gold fusion  solitaire rings material fused with gold. The beautiful rose gold colour texture along with the white platinum compliments the solitaire diamond pretty well to offer an enticing option in the category of platinum solitaire engagement ring  collection. 

Whether you wish to get a ring that you wish to wear just for special occasions or something that you wish to Our rings are meant to be wear worn regularly as a token  an everlasting symbol of your successful relationship, we have a lot of different options to choose from according to your comfort & budget. 

Platinum Solitaire Rings for Women at Jewelove

Women do not just desire platinum solitaire rings for their special days such as the engagement, but to wtch their memory of the special day & relationship for life.

While a diamond platinum solitaire ring is a perfect piece for your engagement, you do not have to wait for your engagement day to wear such a beautiful masterpiece. You can also choose from a wide range of designs and styles available with us to adorn your finger anytime you wish too. 

We have got a ring or a band for every type of woman & their individual choices or for every special occasion you are set in stone.  heading towards. For a traditional look, you can check out the conventional single diamond platinum solitaire ring designed on plain platinum shank, with a classic 6 prong setting.  material. But on the other hand, if you are someone who wishes to get an attractive  designer, intricate engagement ring, then you can always go for a platinum solitaire piece that is designed with more than one diamonds on the side on the ring. If you do not wish to increase the diamond counts, you can get a ring with a bigger solitaire. or band that has got a diamond of a bigger size. 

Apart from the diamond, we also display a range of other ring designs in platinum solitaire rings such as a curvy solitaire ring, a ring with a twisted shank, or also a ring with diamond accents. Also, you can experiment by getting a ring that is not pure platinum, but rather a fusion of platinum ad rose gold to create something unique drama. Also, we can add baguette / taper diamonds on the side to make it even more unique.

Don't you wish to get a jewellery piece that can stay with you forever and may also glide down to the next generations? If you have been thinking along the same line about your ring, then you should definitely go for the platinum solitaire collection as platinum is a perfect metal that is strong & durable & lasts can stay perfect for ages. Also, platinum has got the perfect strength property to keep the diamonds, rubies, sapohires & emeralds  intact in their its position for a long time. 

Platinum Solitaire Couple Rings shop online

Gone are the days when you just got platinum rings for your engagement or wedding. Now couples gift each other such platinum couple rings also on special occasions such as anniversaries. The motto of such rings mostly is to keep the spark vibe of love alive and to maintain the love for eternity. Some of our customers have even renewed their vows on anniversaries with Platinum rings 

As the metal platinum is such that hardly loses its charm over ages, Platinum is a very strong & durable metal so platinum rings are considered to be the best alternative for a lifetime of strength. in such a case. Instead of purchasing a platinum solitaire ring for men and women separately, it is always a great idea to buy them as a pair to get the similar same design and same pattern in both rings. We proudly display such couple rings in diverse designs so that you can get something that both you & your partner like & want to wear for the rest of your lives.  the one that both partners put their consent in.

If you both are looking forward to getting minimalistic and elegant rings,  you can go for the simple rings or bands that come with a single diamond. But on the other hand, if you are looking for a little jazy look, we have a wide palette of options displayed in our collection from diamond accents to even multi-solitaire rings, three stone rings etc. 

Sometimes, it is not just about the designs and styles but also about getting something unique. If you are planning to take your vows by exchanging platinum solitaire rings but are also stressed about the best options, we are here to offer you the right options. Check out our Platinum and Rose Gold couple rings with single diamonds in which pure platinum metal is fused with rose gold to offer a stunning look with the solitaire diamond on the top. As the platinum metal is combined with rose gold to curate such artistic rings, the style gets unique compared to those rings that are crafted with independently pure platinum. 

Buy best Platinum Solitaire Ring Online

When you are already excited about your special day, the thought of getting hitched with the platinum solitaire engagement ring collection makes it even more special. While the conventional way is to visit your local jeweler and try out different rings to get the best fit, there are several ways in which buying the rings online can get convenient for you. 

Do you wish to get settled with whatever you get to see at your local jeweler for your auspicious day? If not, then you need to break the rules and check online. We have got an infinite list of designs and styles from which you can choose the one that touches your heart and soul. After all, you are about to wear your engagement or wedding ring throughout your life, so you should get something that you actually can fall in love with. 

The second most common benefit of buying these rings online is that you do not have to step out of your house leaving all other equally essential tasks for your wedding day. All you need to do is to spare some time to select the right rings for you and order them. Sit back while our experts will do the needful of delivering the selected product to your doorstep. 

Another major factor because a lot of people are switching to online shopping for platinum solitaire rings is the cost. When compared to the physical store, you will find the price of these rings lower on online platforms. If you are looking at the right place, you can get the best options at the right price. We have been offering platinum rings of diverse designs and styles for men, women, and couples at a price that is reasonable enough. You can easily make use of the available filters not just to choose a ring of a particular design or style but also to get rings that comfortably suit your budget. 

Somehow, did not like the product that you purchase? We also provide the facility of a 30-days money-back guarantee on most of our products. 

Order your favourite pick and we will deliver the items to you in 1 day if you are residing in any of the tier-1 cities. In the case of tier-2 cities, we might take 2-3 days for the delivery. We also have a customer base in different other parts of the world and we seamlessly deliver items across the continent within a time period of 5-6 days. 

Apart from the facilities that we offer, you do not have to worry about the quality. We offer 95% pure platinum along with a certification of hallmark. Also, we offer solitaires that are GIA/IGI certified.