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Platinum love bands are taking over the engagement rings & wedding bands industry. Platinum couple rings have turned into a rage for young couples who want to celebrate their True Love with this rare metal. True Love is Truly Rare. Celebrate your Rare Love with this rare metal, Platinum. Platinum rings are symbolic of love. Just like true love, platinum is pure, rare & eternal. Platinum is a very rare metal, almost 30 times rarer than gold and it is much stronger than gold, which makes platinum love bands & rings extremely strong & ideal for daily use. Jewelove brings to you the biggest collection of platinum love bands & rings in India. We showcase platinum rings for couples, men & women. We can also customise these rings and love bands with custom engravings on request. All platinum love bands and rings at Jewelove are crafted in 95% pure platinum, hallmarked for Pt 950 & accompanied by a Certificate of Authenticity by Platinum Guild International. Jewelove offers very fast delivery for ready rings.

Latest Platinum Bands : The Noble Metal! Pure, Rare and Eternal!! 

Cheers! to your modern thinking, your taste in jewellery & most importantly, your quest to set yourself apart.
That is the core of our Le Platina Collection of Platinum Love Bands.
That is the core of Being You!
Because, Pure Rare Eternal, it's not just Platinum, it's YOU!

This beautiful white metal is expensive because it is 30 times rarer than gold  and 50 % stronger than gold in comparison to other metals such as gold and silver. The purity of platinum jewellery is 95%, much higher than gold (usually 75% for 18K Gold Jewellery & 91.6% for 22K)  and this is another major reason that ranks this white metal to be a premium option throughout the world. 

The term Platinum was coined from the word Platina in Spanish which denotes precious silver. But platinum is much more denser, stronger, and flexible than even gold. Due to such properties, options such as platinum rings are getting popular with each passing day. Russia, Canada, and South Africa are some of the important zones where the mining of platinum takes place. 

One interesting fact about platinum is that scientists believe that platinum was brought to earth from meteorites which increases the appeal even more for this extraterrestrial precious metal.  and that there are traces of platinum available even on the moon's surface as well as on the surfaces of shooting stars. 

Platinum Couple Rings Online : Amazing Styles and Designs

Platinum jewellery has evolved with time and platinum rings have always managed to obtain the right attention for its potential customers with the changing trend. As the metal is hypoallergenic & highly non-reactive, it is perfect for people with allergies to gold/silver. It is  extremely resistant to temperature and wear & tear, platinum couple rings have consistently gained demand over the years and become a leading trend.

If you are looking for Platinum engagement ring or platinum wedding ring options, we offer the largest collection of platinum jewellery in India to help you choose the best one that suits your personality and taste. 

Apart from plain platinum couple rings, we also offer options such as platinum fused with rose gold & platinum with diamond couple rings. If you are searching for design options, you will definitely get platinum rings that are embellished with precious stones such as diamonds, ruby, emeralds, and sapphire. 

Why should you stick to the usual round diamond studded platinum ring options when you can have different diamond shapes on your platinum couple rings? 

We at Jewelove, display diverse shapes of diamonds such as round brilliant cut, princess cut, baguette cut, and emerald cut diamonds that make your rings even more enticing. 

Check out our range of platinum rings and platinum wedding bands available in different styles and designs to get the exact ring that you have always dreamt of. If you need any assistance, simply reach out to us at or +91-9828012999.

Best Platinum Love bands & Rings : Tips for Choosing them

Getting your hands on the perfect wedding ring platinum option can be an emotional affair. So, while you are ready to make that dream purchase, it is essential that you know whether the ring that you are buying is worth the price or not. So, here are some of the tips that you can follow. 

  • At Jewelove, we make all platinum jewellery in Pt 950 (95% pure platinum) only. The other 5% is usually comprised of Iridium, Rhutenium, Palladium, etc.
  • Make sure to obtain hallmarked jewellery. Jewelove is an authorised retailer of Platinum Guild International & associated with leading brands, Men of Platinum, Platinum Evara & Platinum Days of Love. At Jewelove all our platinum rings  & platinum jewellery is hallmarked for Pt 950. You can easily check the hallmark inside your platinum ring as shown below Platinum Pt 950 Hallmark
  • A certificate is a perfect option to assure you of the quality of the jewellery that you are buying. At Jewelove, each piece of platinum jewellery comes with the Certificate of Authenticity issued by the Platinum Guild International, which is the leading authority on Platinum jewellery worldwide.Platinum Certification PGI Certificate of Authenticity
  • Also, if your platinum ring has any diamonds, rubies, emeralds, or sapphires in it, you will receive a separate certificate for the same. We offer certifications from SGL, IGI, GIA, etc. for our diamonds & gemstones.
  • You can choose your rings from a wide range of categories such as couple rings, solitaire rings, plain platinum rings, customised rings, etc. & also shortlist by gender, style, purpose, occasion, and others.
  •  Young, self-made modern couples like you might also like to purchase your rings with your own finances. We offer a collection of Platinum Couple Rings starting from Rs. 26,520 onwards, women’s platinum rings from Rs. 10,920 onwards & men’s platinum rings from Rs. 15,600 onwards.

To purchase a quality ring for yourself or for your loved ones, have a look at our large collection of platinum rings under diverse categories. 

Platinum Rings for Special Occasions

Since ages, platinum is symbolised as a precious statement of love & royalty. From the Queen of England to modern stars like George Clooney, Katrina Kaif, Ranbir Kapoor, Mary Kom, Lady Gaga, Tom Cruise, Kate Middleton, all have their engagement rings / precious jewellery crafted in Platinum. Platinum couple rings have been their clear choice for their once-in-a-lifetime events like weddings & engagements. Whether you are opting for your wedding rings or engagement rings, we have a wide collection from which you will surely get the one that is the  perfect one for you. If you still need something else, we offer complete customised platinum rings too.

Wish to propose to your girl in the most extravagant way? Try out our solitaire diamond-studded platinum ring for women collection to see a sparkle in her eyes too. 

Moreover, we have got a special ring for your special occasion. Whether it is to celebrate your love or you wish to surprise someone on their birthday, graduation, or Mother’s Day, or you want to surprise your husband/wife on your anniversary, our range of rings can be the perfect thing to go for. 

Customising your Platinum Ring

Do you need something so special that is specially crafted for you? We love your choice and we offer you complete customisation services to customise your platinum ring in your own way. It can be a design that you have seen somewhere or simply your name/initials engraved on the rings. All you need to do is to let us know and we will offer you the exact design, style & customisation that you are looking for.

It is quite easy & convenient for you to customize your platinum ring/jewellery. You simply  need to order a custom design at Customised Platinum Rings and send us an image of the design that you wish to have on whatsapp / email. If you do not have any images, you can even make a simple sketch of the design and send it to us. Our expert designers will work with you on the image that you sent us and then will send you the professionally crafted design for your approval. Once you approve the design & order the bespoke piece, we will make & deliver the custom ring to your doorstep. 

Platinum Fingerprint Rings

Looking for a unique symbol of love? Our fingerprint rings offer a personalized touch that captures your connection like no other. Crafted with precision, these exquisite rings showcase your partner's fingerprint, creating a timeless piece that reflects the beauty of your bond. Embrace the extraordinary with our fingerprint rings, a heartfelt expression of your love story.

Platinum Rings for Men

Whether it is a wedding ring or a casual everyday wear ring, men usually prefer to get a ring that is simple and easy to wear around the clock. When you are looking for such a platinum ring for men, then you should definitely check out the collection that we display for men. You can opt for a plain platinum ring if you are looking for something simple. On the other hand, diamond-studded platinum rings for men are also very much in demand for engagements and weddings. We also offer unique customized platinum rings for men, with engravings, enamel, unique motifs, and unique textures like the matte finish, mirror finish, etc. 

If you are shopping for the ring casually for yourself or wish to gift it to someone else, then you can even go for the customized ring to offer a personalized touch. Options such as letter-engraved platinum rings for men are also quite stylish and are perfect for gifting someone who is close to you. 

Platinum Rings for Women

When it comes to platinum rings for women, the options are endless. Whether you are looking for a minimalist design or something super flashy, we have got you all covered with a brilliant stock of simple to designer cocktail rings on display. 

For those who wish to keep it simple, we have got options such as plain platinum rings or classic solitaire platinum rings which look very elegant. For an extravagant look, you can go for statement rings that come in options such as floral designs, heart-shaped designs, or similar others. Also, we offer options such as mirror-finish rings that are very unique to look at.

Also, Jewelove offers the largest collection of solitaire diamond-studded  platinum ring for women which is a perfect choice for engagement rings. We also have options with precious gemstones such as ruby, emerald, and sapphire for your dream engagement ring. 

Customized rings are also something that will definitely grab everyone’s attention. You can simply engrave your name or any other letters on the ring / inside the ring or you can get a completely new design fully customized and specially made for you. Our designers work closely with you to create the exact design that your heart desires.

Platinum Love Bands & Rings Price Range

A wedding ring platinum option is the most preferred choice of young men, women & couples today. If you are about to get married and are fascinated by the platinum ring options, then you know where to look for!

The price of platinum rings at Jewelove starts from Rs. 10,920 onwards for women’s rings, Rs. 15,600 onwards for Men’s rings & Rs. 26,520 onwards for couple rings, and goes all the way to Rs. 2 lacs & more depending on the design, diamond selection, etc.

Most couple ring designs come within Rs. 70,000 - Rs. 99,000.

The price for Platinum Solitaire Rings at Jewelove starts from Rs. 20,000 onwards. A classic 30-pointer solitaire ring costs Rs. 57,500 onwards.

We offer 95% pure platinum and showcase a range of rings under several categories at a much more convenient and affordable price range. Browse through the diverse options that we have got and you will surely come across a piece that will suit your choice as well as your budget. 

Jewelove - Platinum Wedding Rings-Bands Specialist

Jewelove is one of the leading platinum jewellery brands in India. We set the benchmarks for platinum jewellery online. We make your platinum jewellery shopping a memorable experience with our customer service & delight. All platinum jewellery available at Jewelove™ is certified by Platinum Guild International & hallmarked for Pt 950. Additionally the diamonds are graded by SGL. Huge variety of High quality platinum jewellery at reasonable prices with exceptional services is what makes Jewelove unique.

We hope you love your shopping experience at Jewelove!

Platinum Rings & Love Bands crafted in Pt 950. True Love is Rare. Celebrate your rare love with the rare metal, Platinum. Certified by PGI. Free insured delivery all over India! Over 2000 designs of bands for couples, men & women!

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