How To Calculate Resale Value of Old Platinum Jewellery?

Please note, we do not buy / exchange old platinum jewellery. This guide is only provided as a reference for the customer to calculate an approximate value of their old platinum.

There is a very simple & accurate formula to calculate the Resale (melting) Value of Old Platinum Jewellery. This formula only takes into account the melting value of raw platinum & not any gemstones or diamonds. 

  • Take it to Platinum testing or assaying lab & have it tested for purity.
  • The lab will give you a test report which will state the accurate weight of the sample & its purity in percentage or karats.
Value of Platinum in the sample = (Weight of Platinum x Purity of Platinum x Rate of Platinum today) / 100
  • Example, let's say the sample weighed 10 grams with a purity of 95% & rate of raw platinum today is ₹ 2,200 per gram

    Value of Platinum Today (using percentage purity) =  10 x 95 x 2,200 / 100 = ₹ 20,900 only